Tuesday, December 28, 2004

(17-4) The Presidents Messages


2004 is almost over. The year started off with some wonderful publicity for our Beginning Genealogy classes and for our Cemetery Project, photographing the grave stones at Hilltop Cemetery in Cocoa.

This year the three genealogical societies in Brevard County joined in adopting the USGenNet web site. Posting information on this web site continues to be an important project for BGS.
Our year was disrupted by Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jeanne and many of us are still picking up the pieces and trying to get our lives back to normal.

It has been a real pleasure to have served as President of the Brevard Genealogical Society for the last two years. The job has been made easier by my hard working fellow officers and board members. My personal thanks to each one of them and to all the members who have taken on part of the job of running the society.

Vera Booksh Zimmerman ...December 9, 2004


Hello everyone,

As your new president I am designating 2005 to be the year of our members. Members are our society, and the focus this year is on you. More on that in a moment.

Shortly we will be enjoying the holiday season and welcoming in the new year. Dotty Rosales is new to holding a position in our society and will be your new Vice President and Program Chairman for 2005. The responsibilities of these two positions go together so please spend a few moments welcoming her. Please make any suggestions you may have which could give her ideas on what you would like to see presented in our coming meetings. I'm sure she will appreciate learning of your interests since the primary goal of our society is to educate our members on genealogical topics.

For 2005 I'd like to encourage each and everyone one of you to get to know several other members of our society whom you haven't met or known well in the past. Walking up and introducing yourself to a stranger at a society meeting may be hard for you, but try it. Chances are you will find someone who shares a genealogical interest with you. You won't find out if you don't give it a try. The worst that will happen is you will have gained a new acquaintance and probable friend.

Also take a little time to get to know your society leadership better as well. You already know a little about some of us because you see and hear us up front at each meeting giving our reports and making announcements. On the other hand, we don't get much of a chance to learn more about you because all we see is a sea of faces while we are up in front of you. Taking care of society business frequently brings us into contact with other officers but not often with members, certainly not often enough. But, we want to learn more about you, our members. The board has discussed the subject extensively this fall and we have all agreed we don't know our members well enough. We are all friendly and easy to approach, so don't be afraid to speak to an officer or committee chairman when you see one. You can expect us to enjoy and appreciate your effort. We want to get to know you.

For the time being, happy ancestor hunting and take care.

Peter Bradish


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