Monday, June 12, 2006

(19-2) The President's Message

Hello everyone,

We left a month ago heading west to join a caravan of motor coaches to Alaska. On the way we stopped in Salt Lake City to visit the Family History Library for research we hoped might break down a brick wall. We didn't break it but we understand the wall's construction better. How's that for optimism?

With the North and South Brevard societies joining with us to put on a genealogy conference in the coming January and the initiative by the Indian River society to bring five societies together for a sharefair/conference, we are all going to get the chance to meet and know members of the other societies around us in 2007. What a timely opportunity to find people with interests like yours and knowledge which could be of help in your research. Normally you have to travel quite a bit to find such a grouping but now we will have a couple of conferences almost on our back door step. Be sure to join in and have fun.

This summer the Federation of Genealogical Societies will hold its conference in Boston, the week before Labor Day. We've been to FGS conferences before and they put on an incredibly educational show, not to mention the vendors and other researchers you get to meet. If you plan to go, there is a significant discount for registering before July 1st. You can even register and pay online, see If you stay in the hotel it is a short walk each day. We cannot park our coach in downtown Boston and will be getting on a train every morning at 6 A.M. to arrive in time for the first sessions at 8 A.M. How's that for dedication?

Have a wonderful summer! Take care and enjoy life... Peter Bradish


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