Thursday, March 10, 2005


Today we received our copy of the Jan/Feb 2005 Everton's Genealogical Helper magazine. YOU are highlighted in 2 different places in the magazine.

YOU are on pages 63 and 64. The title is "Brevard Genealogical Society, Cocoa, Florida". They are writing about the cemetery gravestone photographing project BGS started over a year ago. The first paragraph they wrote about you is this (and no, we didn't write it, they did): "There's a genealogical society that is setting a higher standard and paving the way for wider global access. Brevard Genealogical Society in Cocoa, Florida is pioneering a new project that will assist thousands of genealogists to get information online without ever having to set foot in a Brevard County cemetery. We hope it will become a model program and inspire other societies to step up into similar, technological endeavors." And it goes on. Why did they write this? Because you are doing just what they say. And, the editor of EGH found out about it. They asked for details and we supplied them.

Want to learn more about what your society did? The second reference of our society starts on page 29 of the magazine. Read the "Rock On!" article which is all about your project to photograph each gravestone in central Brevard County, and post the results on the Internet. Yes, we wrote this article. And we wrote it about what you, the members of BGS, are doing. EGH said they were impressed and wanted to highlight our society.

Be proud of yourselves. You've earned it. What you have done is laudable. But also be enthusiastic. We need to photograph two dozen more cemeteries. :-) You can help.

Take care everyone, BGS needs you...

Peter and Connie Bradish


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