Friday, March 11, 2005


As you know, I declared 2005 as the year of our members. My motivation was to emphasize the opportunity we have to meet and talk with other members including our BGS Board. Learning what others are doing and researching almost always provides insight for new ideas for your own research. It also gives us, the Officers and Chairmen, information about what you would like to see in future BGS meeting programs. Knowing this makes it easier for us to provide topics of member interest. An additional benefit of members communicating which recently surfaced is that some members would like to obtain a new BGS badge with their name and research surname engraved upon it. Lucy Brown, our Publicity Committee Chairman, picked up the ball and collected names and money at our February meeting for a batch of new badges. Thank you to Lucy and to those who made it known they wanted a badge. Make "talking to other members" a personal "To Do" for yourself at each of the future BGS meetings you attend. Reach out and talk to someone you don't know or would like to learn more about. Don't be afraid to approach someone, after all, they are a genealogist just like you. It seems like we just started the new year, 2005, and it's already time for the "Nominating Committee" to be elected. This is because we need a little head start for its members due to many members being away for the summer. Article X, Section A of our bylaws says we will nominate and elect three members to the committee at our May meeting who will find members to fill positions of Officers and Chairmen of the Standing Committees, and present them to the membership at our October meeting with elections taking place in November. Please consider becoming a member of this committee. Don't reject the idea just because you might not be in the area for the whole year. Many of the BGS Officers and Chairmen aren't, including myself. The utilization of e-mail and other forms of communication has "enabled" each of us to fill a position much better which we couldn't have done as recently as a few years ago. Think about it. Please. If you would like to be a part of this valuable committee, or, and this is also important, would like to run for an Officer or Chairman position, please contact me or any BGS Board member. Please see for how to contact any one of us. Yes, many of our Officers and Chairmen continue from year to year, but don't let that stop you from coming forward. We need new people with new ideas all the time. Our society wouldn't stay alive without them. I'm looking forward to hearing from YOU, our members!

Take care and happy hunting...

Peter Bradish


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