Friday, June 10, 2005

(18-2) Floridiana

Central Florida's Best Kept Secret?

As Square Dancers Lona and I never stop being genealogists. While attending the Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention in Lakeland we read an article in a local magazine about the Bartow Library. Since the article highlighted it's genealogical holdings we hopped in the car and went to explore. Bartow is only about 15 miles from Lakeland and is quite a beautiful little town. The library is located in the old 1910 courthouse building in the center of town and very easy to find.

Dorothy greeted us as we entered and had us register-they get funding based on usage. She then explained how the three story library operated and wished us luck as we started wandering through the stacks.

The focus of the genealogy collection is on the southeastern United States. There is also quite a collection of society publications. During Lona's browsing she was able to locate the date of her 4G's Grandfather enlistment date and place in the Revolutionary War.

If you are looking for a great overnight excursion I highly recommend visiting Bartow.

Doug Burnett


Ybor City, Cigar Capital of the World

I found something of which may be of interests to our members. The Park across from YBOR CITY MUSEUM, 1818 9th Ave, Ybor City, Tampa, Fl. has the names of the immigrants who came there by and after the 1890’s during the time that Mr. V. M. Ybor was building his 200 cigar factories. These are families from Cuba, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Key West, who arrived by boat, and walked the 2 miles to the new town.

Barbara Maloney


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